Helping Families thrive Through Difficult Times…

Here at South Tampa Therapy & Mediation, we help parents confidently take on the challenges of guiding children through divorce or separation and raising them skillfully. Addressing parents’ questions about the emotional impact of separation, conflict, grief, and recovery, we help you create a road map for all family members to safely navigate through separation/divorce and beyond. Through tested and reassuring guidance, parents will discover how to move from angry, hurt partners to constructive, successful co-parents who are able to put their children’s needs first. Chock-full of strategies to help resolve day-to-day issues, create boundaries, and establish guidelines, our solution focused approach to co-parenting will help ensure kids and co-parents thrive (even when your ex is volatile, hostile and uncooperative!).

Compassionate Co-Parenting Communication is the integration of four things:
• Consciousness: a set of principles that support living a life of compassion, collaboration, courage, and authenticity

• Language: understanding how words contribute to connection or distance

• Communication: knowing how to ask for what we want, how to hear others even in disagreement, and how to move toward solutions that work for all

• Means of influence: sharing “power with others” rather than using “power over others”

Nonviolent Communication serves our desire to do three things:

• Increase our ability to live with choice, meaning, and connection

• Connect empathically with self and others to have more satisfying relationships

• Sharing of resources so everyone is able to benefit


What to do when your ex seems volatile, hostile and uncooperative!

Parents who live separately are frustrated when the other parent seems uncooperative. Self-compassionate Co-parenting is an effective approach for empowering frustrated parents to engage in quality parenting and decision-making that is not dependent on cooperation of the co-parent. Instead, empowerment to process observations, feelings, needs, and positive requests become powerful tools to assist a parent to focus on what is in the parent's own control to raise a child, engage in problem-solving, and have productive interactions with the other parent.

You’ll discover a positive parenting approach to dealing with a hostile ex-spouse. You'll learn the best ways to protect your children from painful loyalty conflicts, how to avoid parental alienation syndrome, and techniques for talking to your children in a way that fosters honesty, predictability and trust. Co-parenting with a toxic ex can be challenging, but with the right tools you can protect your kids and make your relationship with them stronger than ever.

You’re about to have an uncomfortable meeting with your ex. The “new-partner” just called about your middle-schooler’s homework. You had a disagreement with your ex and his/her significant other tries to “ex”-splain and your first thought is, “Stay in your own lane”. You know your next move will go a long way toward defining your relationships with these individuals. So what do you do?

We all find ourselves in situations similar to these and too often resort to the same old patterns of behavior―defending our need to be right, refusing to really listen, speaking cruelly out of anger and frustration, or worse. But there is another way.

Here at South Tampa Therapy & Mediation, we subscribe to the notion of Living a life of Nonviolent Communication which gives you practical training in applying Dr. Marshall Rosenberg’s renowned process in the areas that we have most often been asked for counsel:

Conflict resolution
• Working with anger
• Spiritual practice
• Healing and reconciliation
• Loving relationships
• Raising children
Compassionate Nonviolent Communication has flourished for four decades across 35 countries for a simple reason: it works. Now you can learn to activate its healing and transformational potential. We look forward to helping. Feel free to BOOK AN APPOINTMENT