Gott Sex? The Art and Science of Lovemaking

Every positive thing you do in your relationship is foreplay.

Every positive thing you do in your relationship is foreplay.


The Seven Lessons

The tools in The Gott Sex Series are not about the mechanics of the sex act itself. Our seven tools provide ideas and teach skills for everything from creating simple affection, to enhancing intimate trust through passionate lovemaking. They all involve making sex very personal and intimate. Here is the list of our seven tools:

1. Creating a new understanding about what sex is.

2. Learning how to use the three skills of intimate conversation to bond with your partner and create continually higher levels of emotional connection.

3. Building a “Sex Love Map” of your partner’s sexuality by asking them over 100 very specific questions about their inner sexual world.

4. Creating a ritual for initiating and gently refusing sex.

5. Creating a ritual for being able to comfortably talk about sex with one another.

6. Communicating with one another during sex in an intimate, pleasing, very personal, and loving manner.

7. Selecting fun, sexy things to do together from our “Salsa Card Deck.”

Couples who have a good sex life do two things: they stay good friends and they make sex a priority. In addition, sexually happy couples were very flexible about how things go (or don’t go). They developed good ways of asking for sex, gentle ways of saying “no,” and perhaps most importantly, they were able to talk with each other about sex in an open way.