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I have had a wonderful experience with Liz within the first few sessions. She immediately was attentive to our needs as a couple and put together activities and plans for us to start implementing right away. I am looking forward to continuing the process with her! You will not be disappointed if you are looking for a different approach to therapy.
— R.L. Google Review
First time ever trying counseling and it was great. Liz really makes both parties feel comfortable. I would definitely recommend her in the future.
— T.C.
1st session!... and we have already made SO much progress. We made the appointment with little to no hope and left Dr. Mahaney’s office with a renewed sense of the potential to create an intentional and better relationship. We both feel focused with clear goals and a plan to move forward TOGETHER! Thanks Liz, you are a marriage saver:)
— J.S. Google Review
Dr. Mahaney helped my fiance and I with premarital counseling. We have so much more insight then ever before. We are aware that we are creating a culture in our relationship and now we are creating it intentionally and we are aware that we are creating it. This way, we will be able to create the relationship with our eyes wide open! Sounds simple but we both had an AHA moment with Liz. She is so easy to talk to and we recommend her to anyone!!! She isn’t a traditional type therapist. She does things quite differently. She uses a strength based and solution focus approach. We can track our progress and see when we may fall back into bad habits with an app that we use. (Incredibly life changing!) THANKS LIZ
— -G.K. Thanks again:)
Highly recommended! I could not have asked for a more pleasant experience, she really seemed like she was there for my well-being. I have had a really negative experience with therapy before, but Liz really changed my opinion! 😁
— G.G Google Review
If you are in the South Tampa area looking for counseling, South Tampa Therapy is for you! Dr. Elizabeth Mahaney is the woman behind South Tampa Therapy. They offer a multitude of services such as couples counseling, anger management, depression, divorce, children with behavioral issues, ADHD, among many others. Workshops, retreats and marathon sessions are also available as treatment options. Sometimes all we need is someone to listen to our thoughts and feelings. We need a new perspective other than our own. Other times we may need a more intensive approach to get things back on track. That is where South Tampa Therapy comes in. Whether you need 1 session or 10 South Tampa Therapy can help you with your needs.You have nothing to lose, It only takes a few minutes out of your day to check out what South Tampa Therapy has to offer. Bring your questions and reach out for a free consult.
— C. D. Google Review
I’m currently an intern at South Tampa Therapy and it’s been an amazing experience to work alongside Elizabeth and the team. Great atmosphere and a lot of opportunities to grow and learn. I highly recommend seeking counseling here.
— Genesis Rosario, M.A. Intern, Supervisee Google Review
Such a calm relaxing experience. I would recommend this place to everyone
— A.Z. Google Review
Dr. Mahaney is by far the best therapist I have ever had in my 20+ years of being in therapy! Words cannot begin to describe how much she has helped me. I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking an outstanding therapist.
— L.F. Google Review
I greatly appreciate Elizabeth’s guidance and expertise! Her work ethic and clinical knowledge are profound. I can’t wait until the yurt is here- many fun collaborations on the way!
— Intern Aisha Warner
Practical, empathetic, engaging and insightful. At first I was somewhat confused by (and a little skeptical of, frankly) her methods—she uses something called a Trello board (and yes theres an app for that) as a means of delivering content and providing a “template” to follow and collaborate, online. But by golly it really works, if you just go with it and put in the necessary work. We went from confused and hopeless, to energized and empowered within a short period. We liked that her methodology seems to be highly influenced by Dr. John Gottman. For us, she provided (or more like facilitated) very constructive couples therapy—we found the homework and structure to be way more effective than the typical talk therapy we had tried (to no avail) prior to that. The only reason for 4 stars instead of 5 would be, if youre lazy shes not for you—working with Liz, what you get out of it is commensurate with the effort that you put into it. But we give her 5 stars because she was a good fit for us.
— T.O. Google Review
Dr. Elizabeth Mahaney was recommended by friends of ours who were headed toward divorce. She helped them overcome their difficulties and helped save both of our relationships! The program that she develops and individualizes for each couple was easy to learn, apply and track progress. Dr. Liz helped us learned how to communicate effectively and she gently held each of us accountable for how we were “actually” showing up in our relationship. “AHA” Moments GaLoRe!! Thank you SO much Dr. Mahaney... We thank our lucky stars that we found you <3
— W.M. Google Review
I highly recommend Elizabeth Mahaney. She is everything that a good therapist should be... she’s patient, compassionate, and very knowledgeable. She is someone who makes you feel comfortable from the start and being in her office is like sitting in the comfort of your own home. I have to say Elizabeth Mahaney has helped me immensely as I have journeyed through some tough challenges. Thank you Liz! You are the best!
— Charity Bomar Google Review
Dr. Mahaney is a caring, calming therapist who holds the dignity and healing of her clients as paramount. I’ve had the pleasure of working with her and can attest to the fact that she’s incredibly insightful, has great therapist instincts, and is quite literally a natural at what she does. It’s rare that a person can truly find their calling; Dr. Mahaney certainly has.
— S.L. Google Review
My daughter had a fantastic experience at So Tampa Therapy and Mediation. She is now getting straight A’s at school! Thank you Elizabeth!
— A.H. Google Review
It’s really easy to talk to Dr. Mahaney and it’s obvious her number one concern is the wellbeing of her clients.
— Intern Jon Bell Google Review
5 Stars🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
— R.L. Google Review
5 STARS! Thanks
— E. Malis
So helpful in my life. Loved the ability to leverage tools to help with my stress and confidence.
— Joshua R.
I’m currently interning here and the guidance, mentorship, and supervision have given me more tools to use than I’ve learned in school. Marvelous!
— William Fitzgerald Google Review
Marión Música reviewed SOUTH TAMPA THERAPY & MEDIATION — 5 star
— M.M.
Jeffrey Reeves reviewed SOUTH TAMPA THERAPY & MEDIATION — 5 star
— J.R.
If you are looking for a bilingual Spanish speaking therapist, Dr. Liz has an incredible intern who helped us individually and as a family! Thank you for the guidance Beatriz Diez! And Thanks for supervising Beatriz with such a multidisciplinary, solution focused, and hands-on approach. The collaboration was phenomenal. We would not be where we are now without you BOTH!
— L. Fernandez
Elizabeth Mahaney is the Best, warm and caring therapist in the Tampa Bay Area! The continuous support she provides is paramount!
— M.W.
I live in Missouri and read Elizabeth Mahney’s articles religiously. So many life strengthening recommendations in each article. Thaks so much and I look forward to your next offering.
— M.P.
Liz is absolutely amazing! I was initially looking for a couples therapist in-network, but when I came across Liz’s page, I just had to go to her. I initially went for couple’s therapy, but now I also go for individual therapy. I feel safe living in Tampa knowing I have Liz as a great resource.
— K. & Wrigley;)
First time ever trying counseling and it was great. Liz really makes both parties feel comfortable. I would definitely recommend her in the future.
— T.C. Google Review