Located in South Tampa near Bayshore Blvd. and Hyde Park Village.

Located in South Tampa near Bayshore Blvd. and Hyde Park Village.


As a marriage counselor and individual psychotherapist, in private practice for over 18+ years, I have had experience working with many different types of difficulties and marital issues. I will help you transform your relationships (with yourself and others)! Over time, I've noticed that many of my couples were suffering with the same types of disarray. I want to help you overcome this negativity and live a more purposeful, self-aware, and intentional lifestyle. Therefore, I've created a unique transformational program with an individualized approach and system that will help hold you accountable for the agreements that are made during and between sessions. I strive to share life-changing tools for healthy relationships.

CONNECT NOW! A Practical Activity Guide For Couples is a day-to-day, simple, and solution-focused “check-in” activity book that I offer to all of my clients during our initial intake consultation. In order to create a more desirable lifestyle, we must get really clear with ourselves and create specific steps to achieve our goals. I typically only accept 10 new clients or couples per week because of my solution focused coaching and participation between sessions. 

As your therapist, I want to give you as much information or psycho-education as possible to help you develop skills that may enhance your partnerships and life, even from the very first activity. Therefore, I have clients and couples who only need a few sessions to gain more focus and clarity to establish an agile plan of action.   

The sooner issues are addressed, the easier they are to work out. Sometimes, marriage counseling, couples therapy, or individual psychotherapy is all that is needed, providing a space for the couple or client to think and to explore their situation. Marriage and family counseling can offer the opportunity to understand the deeper, more subconscious blockages and patterns in a relationship. The frustration of not feeling heard and understood can result in a detrimental outcome and is frequently linked to our earliest and most powerful emotional experiences.

Good news, these are learned behaviors. We can reprocess, become more self aware, set clear intentions, goals, and boundaries to overcome challenges. Typically, several agreements, resources, and tools are facilitated and made readily accessible through this approach to effectively help handle even the most complex cases.

Through mutual understanding, a couple or family often finds new strategies for enjoying their relationships. 

I look forward to helping you. If I can't help, I bet that I will find someone who can...  Call me for a free phone consultation. 813-240-3237


Elizabeth Mahaney


Step 1 (To Do): Attune to Awarenesses

Awarenesses may start with researched assessments based on thousands of individuals or couples that will recognize cycles of conflict so issues can be stopped and transformed into moments for self-compassion, intimacy and connection. Receive a detailed analysis of your relationship style so you can turn your insecurity into opportunities for a deeper romantic bond. Miscommunication and disconnect happens when the lack of self-awareness could be part of the problem and partners don’t understand each other. My first task is to get you on the same page with yourself and loved ones. Let’s create a game plan and brainstorm agreements about how to start the process. This step can feel overwhelming but my goal is to help you focus and narrow down specific goals. We will approach the problems collaboratively with questions like: “How can life feel better?”, “How can each of you start positive changes intrinsically?”, “You are a subjective human and you can only feel and control you”. Therefore, all change happens intrinsically.

Step 2 (Doing): Attach to Agreements

Learn how to intentionally ask for what you feel and need in a way that gives your partner a way to express love. Create a culture of love and respect that builds trust and sexual passion. We will deal with perpetual problems, heal old wounds, and rekindle the spark of companionship together. Playfully explore ways to create a fulfilling and passionate relationship. Let’s create more intimacy that brought you together in the first place, create new agreements that make life more enjoyable, and meet each other’s needs. I’ll offer you specific techniques, resources, interventions, tools, or activities that may work for you by brainstorming, collaborating, and developing the treatment plan together. I will also explain how to connect through communication by making specific actionable, immediately do-able, positive requests. Learn how to love your partner without losing yourself.

Step 3 (Done): Accountability for Lasting Change

I give you all the tools you need to understand what changes need to be made, avoid relapse and continue to build a meaningful relationship that gets better with time. I’ll also help hold you accountable for creating, trouble shooting, and maintaining sustainable intentional responses to “This Thing Called Life” and… sustain a connection throughout changes along the way.


Here is a list of services. By no means, is this all of our services. Humanistic needs and approaches to treatment vary greatly depending on who, what, where and when a situation or issue arrises. If we cannot help you… We will help you find someone who can! 

Eclectic, Family & Marital Therapy, Gottman Method Couples Therapy (Dr. John Gottman), Solution-Focused Couples Counseling, NVC Non-Violent Communication (Dr. Marshall Rosenberg), Compassionate Communication, Intensive Couples Counseling or Marriage Therapy (2-3 hr. sessions available), Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids (Dr. Laura Markham), EFT Emotionally Focused Couple’s Therapy (Dr. Susan Johnson), Communication of Life, Reunification, The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work (Dr. John Gottman), Premarital Counseling, Couples and Addiction Recovery, Gottsex Sex Therapy, Parenting and Emotion Coaching, Bringing Baby Home Program, Art Therapy, Body-Mind Psychotherapy, Breath-work, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy /REBT, Creative Art Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Dreamwork & Dream Analysis, Existential Psychotherapy, Family Systems Therapy, Feminist Therapy, Filial Therapy, Gestalt Therapy, Guided Therapeutic Imagery, Holistic Psychotherapy, Humanistic Psychology, Imago Relationship Therapy, Journal therapy, Life Coaching, Marriage Counseling, Person Centered / Rogerian, Play Therapy, Relationship Enhancement Therapy, Sand Tray / Sand Play Therapy, SOS Approach to Feeding and Eating Difficulties or Disorders, Exposure and Response Prevention.

Virtual Visits, Adventure Therapy, Workshops, Retreats & Marathon Sessions are available. 


Communication Problems

Career Choice


Emotional Intelligence

Family Problems


GottSex Therapy

Personal & Career Coaching

Life Improvement and Personal Growth

Child Behavioral Problems

Child School/Learning Problems

Step Parenting/ Blended Families

Divorce Recovery

Divorce, Mediation, & Remodification

Imago Couples Therapy

Mid-life crises

Mid-career changes

Multi-cultural or Multi-ethnic couples

Spiritual Counseling

Discovering gifts and purpose

Gay & Lesbian Issues

Women’s Menopause and Midlife Issues

Infertility & Adoption

Weight loss & weight management

Sports Psychology & Performance Enhancement

Compassionate Communication

Non-Violent Communication (NVC)


Gottman Therapy

Couples Counseling

Relationship and Marital Issues

Individual Psychotherapy

Child or Adolescent Issues

Loss or Grief

Depression/ Bipolar


Anxiety or Fears

Autism Spectrum



Adjusting to Change

Self Esteem

Self Harm

Eating Disorders

Academic Concerns

Attachment Issues

Creative Blocks

Workplace Issues

Women’s Issues

Trust Issues

Attention Deficit disorder (ADHD – children/ adults)

Motivational training

Testing & Evaluation

Anger Management








Fall In Love With Yourself. Mind. Body. SELF-CARE!


(Medical Referral required for some services)

•Smoking Cessation


•Nail Biting

•Weight Loss

•Stress Reduction

•Increase Confidence and Assertiveness

•Improve Sports Performance

•Achieve Success

•Positive Change

•Break Bad Habits

•End Procrastination

•Overcome Insomnia

•Improve Memory and Concentration

•Compulsive Thought Stopping

•Overcome Fears and Anxiety

•Public Speaking

•Test Anxiety

•Body Image

•Anger Management

•Achieve Personal Goals





•Improve Memory and Concentration

•Compulsive Thought Stopping

•Overcome Fears and Anxiety

•Public Speaking

•Test Anxiety

•Body Image

•Anger Management

•Achieve Personal Goals

•Acquire the Ability to Relax in Any Situation

•Gain a Happier Home Life

•Promote Health and Well-Being

•Self Hypnosis Training

•Panic Attacks


•Success in Business and Sales

•Complimentary Medicine

•Pain Management (with Biofeedback or Hypnosis)

•Disease Management (chronic illness, chronic fatigue)

•Gain a Happier Home Life

•Promote Health and Well-Being

•Self Hypnosis Training

•Other Issues That are Important to You…

•Acquire the Ability to Relax in Any Situation